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Message from the Chairman

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Dear friends Hello, everyone!

First of all, I would like on behalf of the Board of Directors, Sha Lei shoe company and on my own behalf to the long-term concern and support of colleagues at all levels of leadership and development of the company to express my sincere thanks! New and old customers long-term cooperation with according to Lee High Greetings!

Secondly, to visit the company's Web site click on my friends and all walks of life say hello. Currently, Lufthansa Lei from the start at the beginning of the footwear small factory workshops, developed into a set of production, supply and services scale enterprises. Each section of the course of development of the company, all the hard work and the condensation of the wisdom of the Supreme industrious according to Lee. Because "Sha Lei" has a special ability to endure hardship, to fight the workforce, he was casting a "Sha Lei," a miracle and glory. "Sha Lei" brand products with high quality to win the favor of users, expand market share year by year, sales increased year after year. Because "Sha Lei" has a number of highly qualified technical personnel tube, according to Lee High only to achieve a leap from the "mechanism innovation" to "management innovation", then from "technological innovation" to "marketing innovation", every step The "Innovation" road have confirmed Sha Lei entrepreneurs wise decision. Innovation as intangible resources and inexhaustible driving force in the efforts for the company to achieve leap second largest economy.

"Man Road as the iron, now moving more from scratch!" Looking back at yesterday's achievement, we lofty; today's highly competitive market outlook, we are confident. Sha Lei, who adhere to the "hands" catch with one hand and spiritual and material civilization, to create a strong corporate culture, to provide staff with a comfortable working environment, nurture and attract top talent, to create first-class enterprise; the one hand and scientific and technological innovation , they played the brand strategy, we strive to high-quality product quality and service quality to attract users to scientific and technological content and performance superior product to market.

The coming days, we hope to receive your continued support and love. Let us bless "Sha Lei people" focus on long-term goals, based on solid work, a challenging Sha Lei, we will never stand in the "China Shoes" in the forefront.


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